Our Story

Who We Are

We are a locally owned and operated business with extensive experience seeking adventure in Kachemak Bay. Owner Alan Parks has been plying the waters of Kachemak Bay since the mid 1970s. His favorite past times are beach combing, tidepooling, paddling the bays and fjords, and skiing and hiking the mountain peaks.

Our team of local guides and water taxi captains have an intimate knowledge and love of Kachemak Bay. We are grateful to be able to call this place home and find incredibly joy in sharing this place with you.

We are committed to provide you with comprehensive support and highly personalized service so that you can discover the wonders of Kachemak Bay on your own terms.

Our Guides

Willy Dunne

Willy is a retired biologist with over 40 years of professional experience conducting research on a variety of wild fish, mammals and birds. He has been navigating the waters of Southcentral Alaska since 1987 and became a Coast Guard licensed captain in 1995. He has worked and traveled around Alaska and the world, but he knows and loves Kachemak Bay, the place he calls home, better than anywhere else.

Alan Parks

In 1976, Alan began a career in commercial fishing in Kachemak Bay. His knowledge of fisheries and the marine environment, coupled with a passion for marine conservation and stewardship is unique in the commercial fishing industry. His thirst for adventure has taken him to many parts of the world to ski, hike, bike and explore among diverse peoples and cultures. He is always happy to return home to Kachemak Bay where another adventure always awaits.

Our Values

We are committed to the safety, wellbeing, and satisfaction of our clients.

We are also committed to working with environmental stewardship in mind.

We strive to create a wondrous experience for our clients in Kachemak Bay, which means that we see to protect the biodiversity and natural wonders of this place in how we do business. We practice environmental stewardship on land and sea by reducing carbon emissions and waste wherever we can. We offer variable rates, enabling us to reduce our CO2 emissions so that we can help create wonderful experiences with a smaller impact.

We are a locally owned, family operated business that supports the community.

We strive to reduce our carbon foot print at all levels of operation.

We offer incentives for clients that reduce rates, emissions and waste.

We buy snacks for trips that our locally made.

We reduce, reuse and recycle.

We use non-toxic cleaning products.

We practice Leave No Trace principles.

We support local Alaska conservation organizations.

Alan's Water Taxi, Kachemak Bay Adventures, and the Parks family support conservation organizations by volunteering our time and contributing part of our income to environmental and conservation issues.  

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